Board of Supervising Directors

Information on the current board of supervising directors

Ole Gladhaug, Chairman of the Supervisory Board 
(born in 1954, male, Norwegian citizen, 3rd-term, member between 24 April 2013 and 11 August 2015, and since 5 October 2016) 

Mr. Gladhaug has held senior executive positions within the shipping, oil services, banking and asset management industries. Prior to joining the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Group, Mr. Gladhaug served 7 years as Chief Financial Officer of Smedvig ASA. Mr. Gladhaug joined the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Group in 2002 as Chief Financial Officer and member of the Group’s executive team, and is now Executive Vice President in the Group. Mr. Gladhaug has served as a non-executive director on a number of boards within banking, insurance, asset management and other industries. Mr. Gladhaug holds a business and administration degree from the Norwegian School of Economics and a political science degree from the University of Bergen. Mr. Gladhaug is a Norwegian citizen and lives in Oslo, Norway. 

Alain Tascan, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board
(born in 1967, male, Canadian citizen, 3rd-term, member since 27 June 2012)

Mr. Tascan presently works as an entrepreneur in the multimedia and gaming industry. Mr. Tascan was a co-founder of Ubisoft in Montreal and a founder of EA Montreal which he managed for seven years. He also created Ubisoft's licensing group that partners with the major Hollywood studios. Previously, Mr. Tascan also held executive positions in the media industry in France at companies such as Radio France International and Telerama. Currently, Mr. Tascan works as an entrepreneur in the multimedia and gaming industry. Mr Tascan holds a Master degree in Economics from the University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis and a post-graduate degree in cultural management from the Institut Superieur de Management Culturel de Paris.

Fredrik Malmberg, member of the Supervisory Board
(born in 1962, male, Swedish and American citizen, 1st-term, member since 5 October 2016)

Mr. Malmberg has a background as a successful entrepreneur in film and television, publishing, tabletop and video games industries. Mr. Malmberg pioneered trans-media thinking and migrated into the Film industry as an Executive Producer on Heavy Gear and Mutant Chronicles. Mr. Malmberg facilitated the financing and purchase of the Conan the Barbarian character and the Robert E. Howard library on behalf of Paradox Entertainment in 2002, and a second time when he purchased it for Cabinet Holdings, Inc. (US) in 2015, where he is President & CEO. He was furthermore (co-)founder and board member of Paradox Entertainment (1999-2013) and Target Games (1980-1999), both Swedish entities in the gaming industry. 

Egil Kvannli, member of the Supervisory Board
(born in 1972, male, Norwegian citizen, 1st-term, member since 5 October 2016)

Mr. Kvannli has a background as Chief Financial Officer. Mr. Kvannli holds a Bachelor-degree for Business and Administration, BI of the Norwegian School of Management of Stavanger, Norway and Bishops University, Quebec, Canada. From 2011 Mr. Kvannli works for Quickflange AS, a Norwegian entity and from September 2015 he fulfills the role of Chief Executive Officer. Before August 2015 Mr. Kvannli fulfilled the role of Chief Financial Officer at Quickflange AS (2011-2015), Fabricom GDF Suez (2010-2011), Sevan Marine ASA (2005-2008), all Norwegian entities. Mr. Kvannli also acted as VP Finance for REC Site Services Pte Ltd. (2008-2010), a Singapore entity. Mr. Kvannli furthermore worked for MISWACO in Norway and in Houston, United States of America (1997-2005) the last two and a half last years as Financial Director for Scandinavia. 

Magnus Grøneng, member of the Supervisory Board
(born in 1981, male, Norwegian citizen, 3rd-term, member between 24 April 2013 and 11 August 2015, and since 5 October 2016) 

Mr. Grøneng has a background as management consultant in McKinsey & Company (2006-2009) where he served clients within the oil and gas, technology and banking sectors in Europe. Prior to joining Jebsen Asset Management (subsidiary of the Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Group) where he currently is serving as Investment Manager, he served as Business Development Manager in Kebony ASA, a Norwegian growth company. Mr. Grøneng holds a MSc (Sivilingeniør) degree from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the University of Karlsruhe in Germany. 


Supervisory Board Profile

The Company has prepared a profile outlining the composition of the board, taking into account the nature of the business of the Company and it subsidiaries and the necessary professionalism and background of the members of the Supervisory Board. The described profile is as follows:

Required expertise and background of the Supervisory Board:

  • Knowledge and experience in the financial, legal, economic, organizational and marketing fields.
  • Experience in managing or supervising the management of a listed company.
  • Knowledge of, experience in and affinity with the gaming industry.
  • Knowledge of and experience with working in an international environment.
  • The ability, also in terms of available time, to monitor and stimulate the general course of affairs within the company in a prompt and effective manner and to provide the CEO and the Management Board with advice relating to the formulation and execution of the company policy.
  • No conflicts of interests at the time of appointment.

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