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The Company has in the last 24 hours been made aware that the newspaper E24 has done research into one of the firms performing financial analysis on Funcom. Funcom takes very seriously the alleged inconsistencies that have been reported in the financial press regarding the analyst firm Prestigo. Both Prestigo and Orion Securities are third party analyst firms that work independently from Funcom. Funcom did not approach these firms nor solicit their services, they chose to research the...

Published on (03-08-2017)  |  Read more


Changes in share capital – exercise of options

Today, 6 March 2017, employees of Funcom exercised 689,112 options. Reference is made to the...

Published on (03-06-2017)  |  Read more


Mandatory notification of trade

Funcom has a stock option plan that is part of the total remuneration package for its employees....

Published on (03-06-2017)  |  Read more


Q4 results presentation - Delayed from 20:00 to 20:30

Due to unforeseen difficulties, the presentation of the 4Q16 results is delayed from 20:00 CET to...

Published on (02-27-2017)  |  Read more

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