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Grant of option rights

Reference is made to the stock notices of Funcom N.V. published on 22 August 2016 and on 5 October 2016 regarding the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders.On 11 October 2016 the following Supervisory board directors were granted rights to acquire the following number of (depositary ownership in) shares in the capital of Funcom N.V. as specified below (the “Option Rights”):  Ole Arne Prydz Gladhaug: 200,000  Fredrik Per Malmberg: 100,000  Egil Kvannli:...

Published on (10-18-2016)  |  Read more


Extraordinary General Meeting

The Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Funcom N.V. was held on 5 October...

Published on (10-05-2016)  |  Read more


Notification of share purchase

The following primary insiders have purchased sharesin the Company today: - Mr. Rui Casais, CEO of...

Published on (09-28-2016)  |  Read more


Update to the market

As previously communicated in the second quarter 2016 report, Funcom is developing one game of the...

Published on (09-26-2016)  |  Read more


Outcome bondholders’ meeting

Published on (09-19-2016)  |  Read more


Summons to bondholders’ meeting

Published on (09-02-2016)  |  Read more

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