Transparency Act

In line with the Norwegian Transparency Act, we are working to ensure that we conduct due diligence assessments according to the OECD model for responsible business conduct. This means that we must identify, assess, address, and prevent adverse impacts on people, society, and the environment in our value chains, whether they arise directly in our own operations or indirectly through our collaboration with suppliers. The law also requires us to provide transparency in this work to anyone who requests it.

To ensure the above, accountability has been embedded in our processes and documents for corporate governance. Funcom has provided information on the Act, due diligence requirements and internal policy to key personnel throughout the company. Assessments of all new suppliers are conducted during the contract negotiation process where applicable. Additionally, Funcom adopts a risk-based approach to addressing human rights issues and other adverse impacts within the supply chain, focusing efforts on the supply chains where the risk is deemed highest. To prioritize risks that require follow-up, we assess severity, likelihood of non-compliance, scope, and the degree of our involvement. In the event that we discover non-compliance with laws or regulations according to OECD guidelines for responsible business conduct, it is important that our suppliers address and resolve these matters. Those who are unable or unwilling to rectify material issues cannot continue as our suppliers.

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